Giclee Printing

What is a GICLEE A giclée (zhee-CLAY), is produced from digital scans of existing artwork. Since many artists now paint only digitally, there is no "original" that can be hung on a wall. Giclées solve that problem, while creating a whole new vibrant medium for art.

· Quality and Integrity—we offer unmatched quality and a deep commitment to only producing the highest quality work.

· Media—Our canvas and fine art papers are proprietary and, we believe, superior to any of the off the shelf brands used by most of our competitors. Our media has past the highest world standards for archival quality.

· Operational Excellence—we run a very efficient fine art printing studio for quality control purposes but also to make sure we offer our customers the best pricing available.

· Relationships and Exclusivity—we maintain long standing relationships with our customers, partners and vendors. These relationships are based on trust and confidentiality.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Digitally capturing your original artwork is the most important step in making a high-quality giclée print. Poor capture cannot be "fixed" in the computer, and results in poor prints. Therefore, we give special attention to ensure the digital accuracy of your artwork.